Thank you for visiting my homepage „Lebensquellen“

What are „Lebensquellen“ – I simply translate the word to english, they are „Life sources“.

In the context of my services these life sources are meditation, mindfullness techniques, writing/texting in mindful and clear words, the mindful use of information technology and living a fulfilling relationship … with other beeings and nature.

My services support you getting (re)connected with your life sources, discovering your true talents, possibilities and tasks in life.

Ethics for a new age

In my feelings a new age has started … with the actual „crises“ at the latest.

It is an age, which turns our current thought-, economy- and society-models upside down and in return we need new tools and a new kind of interaction with ourselves and our surroundings … and if not? Actually we can get an idea in the outside world, what will happen, when we stick to our old patterns.

I pushed all my personal experiences and my holistic way of thinking after practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques for many years in the balance to write down a set of ethics for the new age … as a fertile ground to sow the seed for things to come. It starts inside of me, you, of us all.

With pleasure I share these ethics with you, without any expectation.

Wolfgang Lugmayr

My name ist Wolfgang Lugmayr – I am certified teacher for meditation and mindfulness in Upper Austria.

For more information be cordially invited to contact me: wolfgang@lebensquellen.net or +43 699 1 920 15 88.