Meditation is (like) the water in all our drinks ... let's trink it consciously!

In german language my homepage and offer are called Lebensquellen“, literally translated to English this means „Life sources“ … sounds nice, but not totally consistent for my international offer. So the phrase „The Conscious Ways“ reached me on the way to all our personal „Life Sources“ … and I am using it now, in a mindful sense, for my offer as well as for YOU.

Who am I? It is not easy for a long-time practicing meditation teacher to answer this (the whole thing with the „EGO“ and „SELF“, you know) … but I try, in the easiest way, directly from the (life) source … HERE just a few facts for NOW: I am Wolfgang Lugmayr („Source“ name: Maranius) and started to see the light of day (and darkness of night) in August 69′ in Vienna/Austria. I am definitely (per own definition) a spiritual person, but with both feet firmly set to the ground … and yes, my views on this vital – or spiritual – world are not too serious, but all the more authentic. In the moment my physical „center of life“ is Weissenbach near Liezen, a small town famous for it’s beautiful landscape near the majestic, 3000 meters high mountain „Dachstein“, around 120 Kilometers from Salzburg and 150 Kilometers from Graz and also only 30 Kilometers away from the geographical centre of Austria.

I am married to my beautiful (on all levels) and subtle Michaela, together we spend several weeks a year on the greek dragon-island Corfu in the Ioanian Sea … and last but absolutely not least I have a son, listening to the powerful name of Patrick.


Welcome to this hompage, to my world of meditation, consciousness, mindfulness and more!

Wolfgang „Maranius“ Lugmayr – Cert. Teacher for Meditation and Mindfulness, Ambassador for Inner Peace, Impulse Giver & Author


My world ... and my offer for YOU!

In the context of my services these above mentioned life sources are meditation (across all cultures, but with one source), mindfullness techniques, vital energy work and channeling, writing/texting in mindful and clear words, the mindful use of information technology and living a fulfilling relationshipwhich other beeings and in interdependence with our nature.

My services – e.g. individual and group sessions, retreats – support you getting (re)connected with your own life sources, discovering your true talents, possibilities and tasks in life, as a basis for our personal evolution as a human beeing.


Additional offers:

Meditation (over 40 techniques from different culturs, but from one source)
Holistic Human Design Readings – Impulse and Detail

Consultation hours/Sharings – Ethics for the New Age
Consultation hours/Sharing – Mindful Communication
Consultations hours/Sharings – Mindful Usage of ITechnology

Vital Energy Work (Reiki, Chakra Work, Body Scan)
Channelings & Pendulum Work

Ejana & Maranius – Living the wheel of nature


For more information please contact me:, +43 699 1 920 15 88.



October & November 2023:
@ Arjuna’s Space (Arillas/Corfu)

Human Design Readings
Meditation: Individual/Single Sessions
Visioning Work
Mindfulness Checks
Impulse Talks


Registration: via E-Mail or phone: +43 699 1 920 15 88

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Phone: +43 699 1 920 15 88


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It begins IN us!

Wolfgang Lugmayr (Maranius)

Dipl. Meditations- und Achtsamkeitslehrer, Lehrer für Holistisches Human Design, Impulsgeber
A-8940 Weissenbach bei Liezen/Steiermark
T  +43 699 1 920 15 88